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Marcell Fekete, UI designerMarcell Fekete, UI designer
Marcell Fekete

UI designer

As a UI designer, I'm passionate about creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that elevate the user experience. I specialize in crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces that effectively communicate complex information.

Our services


UX research

What is this
By conducting qualitative and quantitative research, we study your users, their behaviors, explore their needs, discover pain points in the user flows.

What you get
A deeper knowledge of your target audience, which leads to design that serves the real needs of your best customers.


User journey mapping

What is this
We create maps that tell a visual story about how customers meet and engage with your product or service.

What you get
The ability to step into the customers' shoes, bring more empathy to the design process, thus supporting business strategy.


Content & structure

What is this
We help you assemble all the content for the new website based on your existing knowledge, competition analysis and user feedback.

What you get

Based on your needs, you can get anything from guidelines to finished copy text waiting for your approval.



What is this
Technical drawings wired together based on a user journey, focusing on functions and user behavior.

What you get
These drawings allow us to focus purely on functionality and structure, and serve as the basis for the web design (user interface).


Website (UI) design

What is this
User Interface (UI) design is a process that focuses on usability and likeability at the same time. We create the final website mockup, ready for production.

What you get
Your user will be able to enjoy your product or service because it will be likeable, easy and satisfying to use. You will gain users' trust and attention.

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What to expect?

During web design, we understand your users’ pain points and desires. We design a website that is informative, easy to navigate, attractive and engaging at the same time.

After we’re done, you will have a high fidelity prototype of your website, which will make your best clients want to get in touch with you. You will receive all assets and have everything necessary to build your new website that will act as a powerful sales support tool.

A clear picture of what your clients desire and the market you compete in
A streamlined layout that is focused on user understanding and ease of use
We map out client journeys and design the way they will interact with your website
Headlines that will engage the right customers (and get rid of the wrong ones)

Brand workbook

Download this free document which will help you think more strategically about your new or existing brand.

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Download the Create your own brand e-book

From Goals to Website

All projects must have a goal. To succeed, you need a plausible strategy, to identify personas and key messages, and design user flows: the fundamentals of an engaging website.
From vision to ready productstrategylook and feeluser flowspersonas, messages


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Oliver Tasnadi

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