You’re already providing a great service. Be loud & proud about it.

We upgrade your sales process by understanding what you do and
building on it.

How we can help to engage with customers

Your customers go through these phases with your brand. With each step they are getting closer to know and engage with your service.


Our process is your guarantee for success.

We work closely together, as you have the industry knowledge, and we have the communication expertise.

business need
Understanding the problem

We understand your business & speak to your clients - we distill the essence of the value you provide.

Developing a strategy

We create a plan to communicate your value in the most attractive & informative ways. We understand that different personas are receptive to different kinds of inputs.

Expanding range

Nothing great comes out of thin air. First we expand the range of possibilities by brainstorming without judgement. We do our research and identify best practices within your industry.

Narrowing focus

We rationalize by thinking critically and filter based on the strategy. We rely on our experience of 5 years and 50+ projects to come up with an ideal solution.


We deliver a solution that boosts your existing sales process, and that you will be able to apply to all your existing & new sales materials / channels.

Testing and iterating

We test the results to make sure our strategy was on point. We make changes if necessary, then keep on measuring and improving.

How customers engage with your brand

Everyone is affected on multiple levels, and everyone differs in what they are more open to. Our goal is to utilize all of them.


The first step in understanding the world around us, with the tools we have (including vision, touch, taste, smell, hearing)


The logical aspect of engagement, influenced for example by data and structure.


The deeper, irrational aspect of engagement, influenced for example by visual impressions and social proof.


The deepest level of engagement. A sense of belonging, induced by building a real relationship.

How your brand is built


The elements that define your brand, including goals, purpose, values, personality, target audience and positioning.


The way the people in your company work together in order to fulfill the purpose.


The perceivable aspects of your brand: its visual presentation and its tone of voice.


The services and experiences your company provides. This is where competitive advantage comes from.


The gut feeling your clients have about your company, combining all rational and emotional experiences.


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Oliver Tasnadi

Owner, Strategist