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Levente Végh, tech leadLevente Végh, tech lead
Levente Végh

tech lead

I specialize in bringing websites to life with my technical expertise. With years of experience, I excel at building functional and user-friendly websites that meet and exceed the unique needs of our clients.

Have a great product,
but you’d like to sell more?

Your webshop has many visitors, but you’re not satisfied with the number of customers?

Is your webshop technologically outdated, perhaps slow or hard to use?

Does your online store look old-fashioned, or is it difficult to navigate?

Perhaps you don’t have an e-commerce solution at all?

We know what makes a great webshop

We also understand what’s most important to you.

Building a webshop isn’t merely a development task. We possess a business and design mindset alongside a technological one. We’ll be easy to communicate with, always having your business’ interest at heart.

We investigate your target audience and your business needs.
We make a suggestion for the most ideal technology using layman’s terms
We develop a plan to align the two, and create a unique design.
We analyze customer behavior and continuously improve the buying process

Our process

Our streamlined process is your guarantee for success: less stress for you and better results for your business.

Week 01
Week 02
Week 03
Week 04
Week 05
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Week 10
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Week 15
Collecting information

Speaking with the relevant steakholders, organizing workshops and conducting customer interviews.

Competitor analysis

Inspecting competitors’ websites and identifying best practices for content, structure & appearance.

Designing structure

Planning the information architecture of the website, and designing wireframes for each page.

Designing appearance

Designing the look & feel of each page, the so-called prototype. This reflects the appearance of the future website.


The textual content is a defining element of the website is. Our expert writes engaging, yet practical content based on wireframes and keyword research.

Web development

Selecting the appropriate technology and building the designed website.

SEO (Technical)

We make sure that the site is SEO ready and search engine friendly.

Testing and handover

Performing in-house testing and make necessary adjustments. Launching the site following confirmation from our client.

Optimization & maintenance

We monitor the webshop analytics and continuously implement changes to optimize conversion rates and improve cart value.

What to expect?

A clear understanding of what makes you unique

You’re awesome at what you do, no doubt about it. But do you know how to communicate that? Surprisingly, most companies don’t. We speak to your relevant colleagues and clients to find out, and do some market research. Then we lay it out in your Brand Strategy.

A brand identity that looks the part

You know you’re professional, and your existing customers know it too. What about your future customers? How should they trust you if you don’t show them? We design a look and feel for your company that’s appropriate for the kind of products you provide.

A webshop that generates sales

You know how to sell your product in person, once you have someone’s attention. Do you also know how to make people get it just by glancing at your webshop? We design and build an interface that intrigues your customers in the digital space to get them to the checkout process.

Technologies we use

Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the option that’s right for you. Whichever you go with, as an outcome, you’ll receive a functional & beautiful e-commerce site that’s simple to maintain and easy to update.

Our services

Conversion optimization
Start meeting
Website Audit
Competition Research
Brand identity
Website based on template
Start meeting
Website Audit
Competition Research
Brand identity
Website based on template

Webshop guide

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Smooth Journey, Better Results

Our streamlined process means less stress for you and better results for your business. We keep it simple so you can focus on growing your brand.

Conversion-Centric Design

We tailor digital sales tools to your audience, boosting engagement and revenue. Our strategic approach ensures your website is a valuable asset for your business.

Long-term partnerships

We're more than just your designers; we're your growth allies for the journey ahead. With your success as our priority, we navigate the evolving market together, offering ongoing support to ensure your business continues to thrive.


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