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You’re a startup or SME, and you’re great at what you do. You understand the immense value which you can provide to the right customers.
If only they could know it as well, even before they knew you personally.

The Story

We get it. We’ve been through the same thing.

We started out as a classic design studio in 2018, doing brand identity & web design, mostly for local restaurants. We were pretty good at it (according to our clients).
Then the pandemic hit in 2020, and reached us later that year. That was a refreshing slap in the face from reality. Most of our clients shut down, and we had no way of acquiring new ones.

TASNADI & CO story
The Story

We were accustomed to working based on referrals. That was a comfortable, yet lazy and risky system we relied on - and we had to deal with the consequences.
We needed to branch out into new industries. We knew we could do the work, but our clients had no way of knowing that before they started working with us. And they wouldn’t work with us, because they didn’t know us. Kind of a Catch-22 situation.
So, we did everything we could think of. Social media ads. Google ads. Landing pages. Email marketing. We even created a video of our workflow. And of course, networking. A whole lot of networking.

TASNADI & CO story
The Story

Some of it worked better than the rest. The problem was, we didn’t know which was effective, and why. (You know the old saying: most of your marketing budget goes to waste, the only problem is, you don’t know which part.)
It seemed like people just didn’t get what we were offering them.
Then we tried something crazy: the same thing we do for our clients. We looked at our best customers with a lot of empathy, to understand their motivations and pain points, and to design a way of communication that would attract them and intrigue them.

TASNADI & CO story
The Story

And amazingly enough, it worked. We finally understood we were trying to sell our service to the wrong audience. Or, rather, to sell the wrong service to the right audience.
If you’re still reading this, chances are you’re a member of our target audience. You probably don’t want to buy fancy design. You need a better website, so your customers better understand what an awesome service you can provide them, so they’ll pick up the phone or come to your store.
How we do it doesn’t matter to you all that much. At least not at this point. You just want to know if we can do it, how much it’ll cost you, and more importantly, how much of your time it will require.

TASNADI & CO story
The Story

Any of this sounds familiar? Does it seem like your audience just doesn’t get what a great service you’re offering them?

We are working on understanding your problem having the best solution for you.

Sounds interesting, let’s chat!
TASNADI & CO story
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Our goal is to help your customers make the right choice (you) without being “salesy”

Do you hate a hard sell? So do we.

Our goal is to help your customers make the right choice (you) without being “salesy”.We dig deep to understand the essence of what you do.We listen to your customers and understand their painpoints. Then, we do our magic: we syntethize the information and present it a way that is appealing, clear and engaging to the right audience.We do this by listening, empathizing, thinking freely, rationalizing and iterating.

Oliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEOOliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEO

Oliver Tasnadi
Owner, strategist

Levente Végh, tech leadLevente Végh, tech lead

Levente Végh
Tech lead

Katalin Fodor, graphic designer Katalin Fodor, graphic designer

Kata Fodor
Design lead

Marcell Fekete, UI designerMarcell Fekete, UI designer

Marci Fekete
UI designer

Eszter Mogyorósi, UX designerEszter Mogyorósi, UX designer

Eszter Mogyorósi
UX designer

Mark Tasnadi, Webflow developerMark Tasnadi, Webflow developer

Mark Tasnádi
Web developer

We are people of principle

We stick to what we believe in, even when it isn’t convenient. We strive to do meaningful things that make us happy, rather then simple things that leave us feeling empty.


We are driven by our curiosity. We are eager to learn and apply that new knowledge to solving problems.


We empathize with the problems of our clients and our client's customers. We provide great solutions by walking in their shoes.


Being the guide to our clients, leading them to the right solution.


We are independently owned. We are independent of any political views. We are free to think and express our opinions.


Providing clear value to our clients, not just aesthetically pleasing solutions.

What we are proud of

Awards, publications and other acknowledgments


Top Logo Design Company in Hungary 2023


Tervezőgrafika 2023 Kitüntetett
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Arany Rajzszög díj


Clutch Awards
Top Company in Hungary 2022


Most Reviewed
Digital Design
Consultants in Hungary
Most Reviewed Design Agency certificate


Clutch Awards
Top Marketing Agency in Hungary 2021
Top design agency certificate from Clutch
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Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help boost your brand.

Sounds interesting, let’s chat!
Oliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEOOliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEO
Oliver Tasnadi

Owner, Strategist