Let’s partner up to maximize your client’s results

We partner with marketing service providers with overlapping target audiences and complimentary services. We help you get a grip on the aspect of the sales funnel you can’t directly influence.
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Have you experienced
these difficulties?

You provide a great service, but your clients are still dissatisfied.

No matter the quantity and quality of the traffic you bring to your client’s website or webshop, you just aren’t getting the desired results. Your client understands this, but naturally they are looking for improvements.

You know what the issue is, but have no direct influence

You know the problem is your clients website. It’s the UI is out of date, it’s full of UX issues, maybe the technology is lacking as well. You try to give them tips for improvement, but that’s about as useful as beating a dead horse.

Your client is happy, but you know there’s untapped potential

Although the campaigns are going well, and your client is generally satisfied, you know there’s more money to be made. If only an expert could tweak their conversion rates, your expertise could further increase added value.


Our team of experts
is here to help

We are people of principle.
We are a mix of strategists, creatives and developers - together we’re experts at designing and implementing engaging brand identities and websites that improve sales.


We are driven by our curiosity. We are eager to learn and apply that new knowledge to solving problems.


We empathize with the problems of our clients and our client's customers. We provide great solutions by walking in their shoes.


Being the guide to our clients, leading them to the right solution.


Providing clear value to our clients, not just aesthetically pleasing solutions.


We are independently owned. We are independent of any political views. We are free to think and express our opinions.

We are devoted to creating sales-focused sites

Our bread and butter is designing and building websites that support marketing and sales efforts. Here’s how we do it.

business need
Understanding the problem

We understand your business & speak to your clients - we distill the essence of the value you provide.

Developing a strategy

We create a plan to communicate your value in the most attractive & informative ways. We understand that different personas are receptive to different kinds of inputs.

Expanding range

Nothing great comes out of thin air. First we expand the range of possibilities by brainstorming without judgement. We do our research and identify best practices within your industry.

Narrowing focus

We rationalize by thinking critically and filter based on the strategy. We rely on our experience of 5 years and 50+ projects to come up with an ideal solution.


We deliver a solution that boosts your existing sales process, and that you will be able to apply to all your existing & new sales materials / channels.

Testing and iterating

We test the results to make sure our strategy was on point. We make changes if necessary, then keep on measuring and improving.

Some of our success stories

Some of our happy clients


The TASNADI & CO team did a great job digitising our brand. The coronavirus pandemic hit us just as we began the project, but they were quick to adapt and adjust, and were good at managing the project while our priorities shifted towards operational tasks. We had our ups and downs, but all together I'm very happy with the outcome.



You are the best! Just to let you know. The visuals you make are often perfect in once. That means you really understand me. Perfect job!



I first contacted TASNADI & CO about a rebranding project. They translated the essence of the brand into a new, fresh look very cleverly. They have since created a new website for us, are running digital campaigns and designing print materials. They simply do professional work, regardless the task - I'm very satisfied.



It was a pleasure working with the guys from TASNADI & CO. I appreciate the flexibility of being available when I need them and proactively shaping the workflow to make it easier for my business.



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Let’s create a win-win-win situation together!

Your clients will be grateful, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket, and we’ll be able to do what we do best - support sales activities and increase conversion rates. Let’s work together to create better, more efficient sales funnels.

Flexible business model

It’s up to you how you’d like to cooperate. We can pay a commission for each business we close, or we can provide a white-label solution.

Flexible way of working

We can take care of everything from Sales through PM to delivery, or we can provide only our expertise. Whatever fits your model best.

Client’s needs in mind

Whatever we do, we always make sure your client ends up with the best solution. We always inform them of all the possibilities and help them choose the best one.


Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help your clients.

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Oliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEOOliver Tasnadi, strategist and CEO
Oliver Tasnadi

Owner, Strategist